Here are just some of the ways we can work with you to bring your school closer to an outstanding Ofsted grade.

Performance Learning supports teaching and learning, pupils who are falling behind or those in need of additional support to make good progress and attainment by:

  • Tracking how learner behaviour and attitude, impact upon learning and understanding of key ideas, rules and processes.
  • Highlight how learner behaviour and attitude is limiting understanding, progress and attainment.
  • Supporting teacher assessment and school progress data to identify barriers to learning. Highlighting whether barriers exist as a result of the learner behaviour or due to the impact of additional support and intervention.
  • Support teachers to adapt teaching and learning and ensure the accuracy, pitch and support of teaching and intervention impact on the learner’s academic and emotional progress.
  • Providing certified high quality professional development and training, enabling education professionals to review and develop practice to  lower the impact of nerves, stress and anxiety and foster support academic performance and independence.

Performance Learning ensures that learners are confident, self-assured and foster behaviours and attitudes that support lifelong learning by:

  • Teaching the learner to identify emotions, behaviours and attitudes that may inhibit their progress to the next stage of their learning.
  • Training teachers to work with learners to develop skills and approaches that reduce nerves, stress and anxiety and safeguard mental health and educational self-efficacy when faced with increased expectation.
  • Helping learners turn negatives into positives and lead their own personal growth
  • Providing a platform for learners to share successes, views and concerns about their learning and progress.
  • Training professionals to use PLOA to gain valuable insight into the learners’ states of mind to support to safeguard not only academic excellence but also safeguard mental health and wellbeing.

Performance Learning supports school progress and attainment data, helps leaders evidence progress towards performance targets and demonstrates the impact of teaching and learning by:

  • Equipping leaders with access to PLOA, our analytical tool supporting progress and attainment data, linking learner behaviour and attitude to learning and progress.
  • Providing evidence on the impact of intervention on progress and how learner behaviour and attitude is changing as a result of increased challenge and complexity.
  • Providing information for professionals to set targets and intervention and ensure that pitch, relevance and level of intervention will have impact on progress.
  • Enabling effective tracking of progress through our dedicated Performance Learning Dashboard providing the teacher with additional progress data which links learning behaviours to academic progress.
  • Helping leaders to ensure that teachers deliver interventions that make substantial and sustained progress and fully support the learner.

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